How to restore shine to dull car paint

June 18, 2019

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Most people love to have their cars in the best of conditions, especially when it comes to look and appearance. We all want our cars to have a smoother and shiner look all the time. Long usage of cars without shinning or maintenance can make the car look dull. Well, most car owners believe that polishing and waxing are needed to keep the car surface shinning. However, this alone is not enough to restore shine to dull car paint.

Discussed below are the skills and techniques you can use to restore shine to dull car paint and maintain the smoothness for a lifetime.

1.  Cloth Polishing

One of the most popular ways of restoring shine to dull car paint is by polishing the car surfaces. There are different kinds of polishes available in the market. Regardless of the one you choose, you will need to spread a cloth on the surface. Here your choice of cloth is very important. Hard clothes can cause damage to the paint of your vehicle. Instead, you should choose a cloth that is soft and subtle. Cotton is usually the best option.


2.  Wax Often

People don’t care much about waxing their cars regularly and promptly. They only apply wax on their cars once or twice in a year and think it is enough to restore and maintain shine to dull car paint. Generally, car paints start to become dull within a few weeks of waxing, depending o the quality of the wax. Increasing the frequency of car waxing can help you overcome this problem and keep the shine for a longer period of time. More so, always use quality liquid waxes that can last long.

3.  Wax Thinly

Only apply thin layers of wax in order to keep the shine for a longer period of time. Don’t go for thick layers of wax because they only cause dullness instead of improving the shine of your car. Apply a thin layer of wax in succession and allow the layer to dry before applying a new layer.

4.  Cleaning Up

It is important to clean the surface of the car thoroughly and efficiently in order to prepare the surface for polishing or waxing. People often make the mistake of applying wax or polish on a dirty or unclean car surface. With dirt and debris on the car surface, you cannot get the required shine and smoothness. Thus, it is best to wash the car surface properly with soft detergent before applying the polish or wax.

5.  Detail your car

Car detailing involves thorough cleaning, polishing, and waxing of a car, both inside and outside. Apart from improving the overall appearance of your car, detailing helps to preserve the resale value of the car. Wash your car to detail at least once in two weeks.  Meanwhile, don’t use dish-washing detergents to wash your car as these can remove the wax coating you spent time and energy to put on your car. Instead, use clean water to rinse your car and dry with chamois to avoid streaks or smears. If you must use a detergent, go for Neutral car shampoo as they do not react with the car wax. Don’t ignore the tire too because they show, to an extent, the attitude and personality of the owner. Scrub the tire with brush and add some wax too.


Bottom line

A car can become dull in appearance after some period of continuous usage. In order to restore shine to a dull car, there are several maintenance practices that need to be done. In this article, we identified a few steps you can take in order to restore shine to dull car paint.


To restore shine to dull car paint has some advantages!



Here is a good video if you want to learn the simple ways how to restore shine to dull car paint